Sunday, May 31, 2009

So the Journey Continues...

Well, I tried attending my present church -- just as a girl in the pews, just as a worshiper. The service was lovely, the kids and adults in the praise band were great, and I even saw some new faces. The priest had a great sermon about how God's love surpasses all our challenges and crises, and even joys.

Unfortunately, my personal baggage (which I have to leave to those who already know) prevented me from really getting the message.

This was a test. It confirms that I have to leave "home" for a while in order to heal from the wounds I received there. No community is perfect, so I'm not bashing my church. There are indeed many great, godly people there. These people will remain my friends no matter what. And I hope any other relationships will be open to true reconciliation. My intention is to return home, unless God has other plans. And I have to remember that this is all on God's time, not mine.

So, I will be an itinerant worshiper...for a little while. Blessings to you!

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Peter P said...

An itinerant worshiper...

I like that phrase!

I hope and pray that God brings you complete healing soon.