Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, here's the first blog about something -- Jon and Kate

So, how about Jon and Kate (of the reality show, TLC's "Jon and Kate plus 8") tonight? It's sad that each of them said they were there for the kids, but no mention was made of themselves as a couple. (For those of you who are for some reason unfamiliar with this show, here's a link.)

Kate, being the more vocal and forceful of the two, has taken a lot of heat for the potential breakup, but Jon shares a lot of that responsibility as well. Jon was right as he quoted his mom: life is about choices. No one makes us do anything that we do not choose to do. He did make some poor choices, including some of his passive-aggressive behavior on the show.

But also, I think that Jon has allowed Kate to be the head of the family, and Kate -- with the more forceful personality -- took that and ran with it. Jon hasn't been "the man" in that household for some time, and the family has been the worse for it. I guess you can see that I have a traditional view of family here -- fathers are to be the heads of the household, with mothers working closely and supportively alongside them. I really feel for Jon, who seems frustrated by having to be the stay-at-home daddy. I don't think that's a natural role for fathers.

I wish that TLC had offered them some counseling to help them through this rough patch. After all, having the television show made TLC a lot of money while it put Jon and Kate under a tremendous amount of stress. I'm not a J&K basher, but really, how good can any of this be for the kids? I also hope, for the family's sake, that they have saved a lot of the money they got from their show, because it won't go on forever.

I am a fan of "Jon and Kate plus 8". I enjoy seeing the kids grow and their parents deal with them in everyday situations. But maybe enough is enough now, and the family should take some time out of the spotlight to regroup and heal.

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