Sunday, June 7, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Time to click those ruby red slippers.

I visited another church this morning. It was nice to have the option of an early service, even though I understand why my church doesn't. (It tends to split the congregation into sub-congregations.) There were things I liked about the service, but I missed my "home."

I look at churches as families -- especially for those who really connect and get involved. In a hierarchical structure that is the Episcopal Church, there is a clear "Father" (or "Mother" for a female priest) figure. In our church it would be our priest. I also see in our church a "Mother" figure in my friend P, a longtime member of the church and mother figure to many. She's the one people tend to call when they need information or help that the priest can't give.

Anyway, I felt like I was visiting a relative's home today. It was another Episcopal Church, and we're all Christians. It was nice, but not home.

The problem with having a clear parent figure is that when there's a falling out, it's really hard to just attend services and ignore that person. It feels like when a kid has an OK relationship with "Mom" but has a conflict with "Dad". I guess I'm seeing some old family dynamics after all; although I had a more conflicted relationship with my mom, if I had a problem with my dad, it was so hard to feel worthy enough to reconcile.

Well, got to go shopping with the family. More on this later.


Peter P said...

There IS no place like home and I'm sorry you feel you have to separate yourself from your home at the moment.

These situations are always hard and I pray that God will give you clear guidance and bring healing to broken relationships.

Peter P said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list BTW!