Sunday, June 7, 2009

Time Out

Back in the day, the discipline method in vogue was the "time out". Theoretically (I say this because I'd rarely seen it actually go this way), a child who was having behavior problems was encouraged to go to another area of the classroom and take a "time out". When the child and the situation cooled off, the teacher would talk with the child and the child would rejoin the rest of the class and activities.

[ just occurred to me that this was the intent of excommunication as well.]

Usually it seemed more like being sent to the corner, except that the child faced the room instead of the wall.

This church situation I'm dealing with is giving me a new appreciation of the time out in its intended sense. Since going to my home church was giving me so much stress (and increasing the risk of snarky and otherwise uncivil behavior), I needed to have some time away. A friend I talked with recommended not skipping church altogether, but perhaps visiting a church or several churches to fill the void for now.

That was an important distinction, because I couldn't allow my emotional state to push God -- and my worship of Him -- away. Today, as I posted earlier, I visited another church. I left worship not only renewed, but with a renewed sense of appreciation of what I have at my home church.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave my time out yet. But when I do, I expect that I'll be better equipped to deal with the challenges of worshiping and living in community.

Have a blessed week!

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