Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Lovely Day

Spent a lovely day outside. Began first with picking up an Angel Food order (see and then continued with a workday at the church. The physical work was finished soon for me, as the supplies for the emergency kits got packed up quickly. Then a small group went on a prayer walk around the church campus and surrounding neighborhood.

I had never experienced a prayer walk before, and thought it would be a contemplative stroll. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but this was different, more active. We stopped at various points and prayed for the people and/or missions of each place. We even stopped by the youth group building and prayed over a young man who had hurt his ankle during a soccer game. We prayed as we passed businesses, thanking God for the people who owned them and asking God to bless their continued service to the community. It was a good way for me to get better acquainted with the church grounds and the surrounding neighborhood as well.

Then our group and those who were working on the church grounds stopped for lunch in the parish hall. I enjoyed listening to people's stories as we ate.

From lunch, our original prayer group and a few others went into the sanctuary and prayed again for our church and community. Most significant for me was when we laid our hands on Fr. Z and prayed specifically for him. Our rector, Fr. Y, has been ill and Fr. Z has been, with the help of the staff and vestry, holding things together very well. More accurately, we have been continuing to move forward, even as we eagerly anticipate Fr. Y's healing and return.

I had planned to go on a women's retreat this weekend. But the more I had heard about this workday, the more I felt called to participate in it. As it was, the workday was like a retreat for me, and even better, I got to return home that afternoon and spend some wonderful quality time in our backyard with my grandson, S.

God's blessings are abundant! Thanks be to God!

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Kabrena said...

It WAS a lovely day, wasn't it? Glad you were there, Erlinda! You helped make it special. See ya tomorrow!