Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where Do We Invest Our Faith?

So today we had a visit from the Rt. Rev. James Folts, one of the local retired bishops. He is indeed gifted in oratory, though his voice does somewhat resemble Foghorn Leghorn's, the rooster of Looney Tunes fame. (Hope that's not offensive, since I like Foghorn.) My stepdaughter, J, dubbed him "funny", "awesome" and "cool", no small praise from a 20-something. And he and his wife were nice to the grandson, which earns more than a few points with me.

Anyway, the bishop knows how to preach. He delivers with enough zeal and energy that I would dare anyone to sleep through one of his sermons.

Bishop Folts' message was one I needed to hear today: The bishop stated that we all have -- every one of us -- all the faith we need. And that faith is as strong as it ever needs to get. So why do we feel lacking in our faith? It's because we haven't invested it in the right place. We can choose to invest our faith in either hope (trusting God) or fear (distrusting God). And when we choose to invest our faith in fear, we surrender to the Enemy who lies in wait, looking for any opportunity to alienate us from God.

Investing our faith in hope allows us to defeat the enemy. We are no longer enslaved to his schemes. We are no longer separated from God. God desires that we live in hope, that we know that He loves us more than we love our own families. That gave me pause, for I know how much I love my husband, stepdaughter and grandson. When we do things that God dislikes, even hates, He doesn't dislike or hate us. But it is our choice -- my choice, your choice -- to invest our faith in hope, and choose to be in relationship with God, our Father.

But even when we choose hope, we may feel fear. It's natural. Bishop Folts wasn't saying that we banish the emotion of fear. What I heard him say was that we do not allow fear to rule our lives. Instead, we gather our courage to "look fear in the eye" and refuse to be enslaved by it. We turn to God and allow our trust in him to give us the hope that allows us to take right action in spite of the fear we feel.

So where does that leave me? Well, I know there are some things I have been content to leave on the back burner because I have been afraid to take action. I make the choice now to invest my faith in hope and move forward. God is with me, and even if I fail in my tasks, I will never be a failure to Him.

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Gage said...

omg. He does kind of sound like Foghorn Leghorn. lol. You know, he was our priest in Abilene at The Church of the Heavenly Rest, or as we affectionately called it, The Church of the Celestial Snooze. Anyway, he wanted a bell tower for the church and by God, he made it happen. Incredibly expensive, but beautiful.
Check out the beautiful pictures taken recently of the church.