Saturday, November 28, 2009

Popping In

Well hello there! Just want to thank all of you who've left comments. I feel badly about not acknowledging each of you, but I hope this collective thanks will do for now.

It's been my practice for the last few years to compose a gratitude list on Thanksgiving. Here's one for this year, a couple of days late. I'm thankful for...

1. My family -- husband, stepdaughter, grandson
2. My family -- Parents, brothers, nieces and nephew
3. My friends
4. My old church
5. My present church
6. The ending of an unhealthy relationship
7. The growth of healthy relationships -- old and new
8. My pet chinchilla
9. Angel Food Ministries
10. Employment for my husband and me
11. Good health
12. Caring people who helped me transition to my present church
13. Food, shelter, transportation
14. Facebook and Facebook friends
15. And most of all, God's providence, comfort and guidance through all life's joys and trials

This is considerably shorter than past lists, but I think it covers the main things, and many of the little things I listed before are covered in the broader categories.

I am so grateful that my stepdaughter J and grandson S like to go to church with me. Occasionally my husband joins us, and I'm thankful for that, too. I pray that each of us will find our relationship with our Heavenly Father strengthened as we worship.

It was a tough summer. I didn't want to leave my old church, but with the deteriorated relationship with its priest, I felt I had to. But I also knew, deep down, that God would redeem this situation. This unhealthy relationship had to end, and perhaps the unpleasantness was the only way either of us would be motivated to end it. (I guess another option would have been to change it, but I don't think either of us was very motivated to change, at least not significantly.)

As cliched as it sounds, it did turn out for the best. J likes our present church, and S loves the nursery, where he hammers and the playground, where he climbs and slides. S once sprinted towards the Communion rail as soon as the Lord's Prayer was completed.
I am also growing in faith, as I am allowed to serve where God calls me. And I feel that guiding my family in faith is helping me grow spiritually.

I learned, with God's help, just how strong -- emotionally and spiritually -- I truly was. Other people confirmed that my impressions about what I had experienced with Fr. X at my old church were not misconceptions or skewed thinking. That was a relief, and though I still have thoughts about things that happened, they are becoming less and less -- especially since I decided to leave those events at the foot of the Cross.

There are other situations that are also challenging, but I can't blog -- even indirectly -- about them. Perhaps in the coming months, when they are resolved, I'll be able to share them with you. In these situations also, God is present, ready to give guidance, strength and comfort. I hope to be able to report a joyous outcome soon. And God will be present in that too.

I hope you all have had a most blessed Thanksgiving!

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