Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

Well, it's been a while since we last chatted. Big changes have happened since then which have kept me hopping.  The fall begins a new school year, and as such, has some similarities to the actual new year that happens in January. We move from the leisurely chaos of summer to the more structured "vibe" of the new academic year, whether we actually work in education or not.

The other big change is that my choir director from my old church took the directing position at my present church.  The music program has blossomed under his leadership and nurturing. We're singing more challenging pieces and the music seems to be resonating with the congregation. It's good to know that our efforts are helping bring people closer to God.

Grandson S, is growing in -- literally -- leaps and bounds. Almost 3, he is an imaginative chatterbox, who will strike up a conversation with anyone. He begins preschool this week, so we're very glad that he'll be present for the Blessing of the Backpacks at church this Sunday. Can't believe we had to buy school supplies for the boy. Seems like yesterday that he was just a little baby! The little man recently got his own bedroom. He's so proud of his room and his big boy bed. It's decked out in Toy Story, Cars (the Disney movie) and all the things a little boy loves -- tools, cars, bunnies, kitties, dragons...

The time passes so fast. I want to spend as much time as I can in these moments.

Along with the new year, there has been a little of the bittersweet as I clean out the junk here at home. Going through reams of paper, I found printed copies of email from Fr. X, from when he was my spiritual director. So much good conversation about the spiritual nature of things, the Church, and just stuff. I felt a twinge of sadness that it all fell apart. It seemed so avoidable. After acknowledging the feeling, I gathered the old papers and tossed them in the trash. Letting go has been a process. Disposing of those found notes was another step.

It's definitely a new adventure every day!


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