Saturday, August 17, 2013

Under Construction

It's been a while since I've posted anything here.  Lately, I've been trying to discern what the focus should be on this blog.  It started out as a personal journal, shared with a few hundred readers, of how I was dealing with certain personal and spiritual challenges. Interspersed with those entries were random household hints, family updates and other things that just popped into my head.  It became clear that sharpening the blog's focus was necessary.

First, let list the topics that didn't make the cut.  I don't really want to put my family out into the interwebs, so the intimate family stories and photos that are the bread-and-butter of mommy bloggers and the like are out.  I'm by no means a super housekeeper, so I would run out of housekeeping tips pretty quick.  I could opine on different aspects of pop culture, but that alone would not be satisfying to me.  Lastly there are the many, many topics that I just don't have the desire or expertise to write about on a regular basis.

So, what did that leave me?  What else was there that I could write about that anyone might want to read?  The title "So Here's What I Think" fits well with a series of semi-daily reflections. Since I am a Christian, the vast majority of these will be colored by my faith. However, I intend to have more religiously-neutral reflections here as well.  My hope is not that people will admire my insight, which may be better some days than others, but rather that the ideas I offer will become a springboard by which the reader can form his or her own reflections.

So watch this space in the coming days, the building phase is coming soon!

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