Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Sunflowers redux

About 10 years ago, I posted a poem musing about the removal of a giant sunflower plant from my neighbor's yard.  At the time, I said the poem was a work in progress.  Since revisiting my blog, I thought I'd try an edited version now.

Looking over the fence today,
I saw my neighbor working in his yard,
Not much different from my own.

Side by side,
We tended our lawns,
Separating the despised weeds
From the soft, green grass.

As I watered my side,
I noticed a tall bunch of sunflowers
Growing in the corner of my neighbor's yard.
Lovely plants -- they reminded me of blooms
I once received as a gift.
So, so tall!
The bright flowers rose higher than the fence.

Then one day
I realized what my neighbor was doing.
The brightness disappeared, a little at a time.
I heard the sound of cutting,
And I knew that these were not to be kept.
They were counted among the weeds,
A nuisance, something to be rid of.

I wondered why he would choose to dispose of them.
They chose his yard to grow in!
So fortunate -- to have such pretty flowers
Without even trying.
Was there something in their beautiful wildness
That he was afraid to keep?

It was a shame to waste something so lovely.
I thought I should ask for a few cuttings to keep for myself.
But good manners averted such presumption.

So sadly I spied the corner again.
The cheerful smiles were gone.

And I was left wondering
Why I spent so much time caring for things that don't belong
While God's beautiful provision was cast away.

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